I need a new amp, i got a ****ty one that came with my squire strat. i need a good one that would work well with a schecter c-1 hellraiser fr. i play alot of hard rock, and metal, so it needs to have a really good distortion( i have a pedal but on some amps it still sounds bad. i was looking at some line6's and they looked good. looking to spend from 300-500 dollars. Thanx in advance
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avoid line 6 like the plague, sir.
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line 6 isnt the best except with their stuff they did with bogner with their amps. depending on how much you have to spend, my favorate amps are bogner, hughes and kittner, laney, and krank. if your on a budget or just want a all around amp, vox makes some realy good ones. just go to the local shop and amp up untill you find whats you man
+1 to the Line 6 comment, add to that the MG line.
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why are line 6's so bad?

they get some wacky sounds and reverb you dont want. they ramp it way up and the quality isnt what it used to be
ok well, i really need one in my price range(i only have 400 rite now) and i dont want to save for much longer to get the amp so any specific suggestions would be great.
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ok dude, save up a bit longer and get a quality amp, not a budget one. laneys cost more for a reason, they are that much better. you get what you pay for with things like guitars and amps