So I was searching throgh my hardrive and I found this that I started writing a while ago, but never finished. I'm debating whether or not I want to continue with it and I can't decide so I thought I'd ask UG what it thinks. Is it any good? Is it worth starting up again?
It was gonna be the first song on a concept album I wanted to write about a teen in the 60's who starts out as an ignorant little **** but changes when his brother comes back from Vietnam in a box.

High school, chicks and LSD
Not much else is important to me
One more year and I’m gonna be free
Free from this prison of insanity

Everyone is so concerned with the world today
Always speaking, endlessly preaching
But I don’t listen to a word they say

I don’t read the paper
Don’t bother watching the news
I could crack a book
But I’d rather hit the booze
"Imagine all the people, sharing all the world"
-John Lennon
keep goin with it man. i think you got something here. and for all you ****tards here that are gunna say "omg dude!! you cant talk like that!" save it ok? if you had a high school experience you smoked up and went to parties. if not, your a cool dude for not giving in or your a nerd ass. keep goin on it man
Thanks guys

And yea, I only used insanity cuz it rhymed but I could always ammend it.
"Imagine all the people, sharing all the world"
-John Lennon
no i like insanity with punk stlyed stuff. it works realy good unless you overuse it, i think its great where it is
Thanks, I think I'm gonna. What about the general concept I had for the album? What do you think of that?

And for clarification this isn't necessarily a punk song, I just made my username when i was like 13 and obsessed with punk.
"Imagine all the people, sharing all the world"
-John Lennon
the concept of the album is unique and def. sounds like something i'd be into hearing