hey guys, i posted this song on here, it was a video. about a year ago from my schools talent show and it got alot of good reviews

but now we have a completly remastered audio version of it, with alot of changes in the song, let us know wht you think


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Thats pretty awesome, so upbeat and a really good use of the DABG chord progression in the intro, I normally find it a little overused but you handled it well.

-Not so sure of the wah and distortion combination
-The drum sound is Ok but is probably the weakest part of the whole recording
-really liked the build up into the heavier section
-The solo is excellent, skilled but not to the point of being just a showcase for the guitarist, it actually fits the song. some of it sounds a bit like the Dragonforce solo from "Dawn Over a New World" without being too similiar.

I think this is excellent, but perhaps make the wah, a little less prominent, it breaks the song apart a bit, in my opinion.

The ending works really well.
Too much gain = Ears in pain
thanks for the crit

yeah, we only have one mic for the drums, and it was placed infront of the bass drum, which is why its not that clear, there are some part where our drummer is using 6 toms in the song, but you can hear the 3 high ones cause of the location of the mic
Dude, I love it! I could just go and drive and listen to that.
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the guitar tone could have been a bit more snappy for the cleans, but you were live so all is forgiven. i like the proggression....i wished you stayed on the cool reggae bet for longer periods. whoever plays rythm does a great job keeping things funky. i thought that the bass could have been more prominant/groovier, because this song has potential for some really great grooves.

solo was awesome, i definately enjoyed this masterpeice.

*edit* you weren't live....ahhh. clean tone could use more highs and more bass methinks. try to get an srv type clean perhaps?
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Ouch! You need to tune the guitars before recording. The tone and the actual playing are fairly good, but the out of tune guitars kinda ruin it. It gets better when the distorted guitars kick in. Nice solo... I'd pay some attention to the production in your future recordings. Keep it up!