great use of electronic sounds in you song. i like the intro effects, is that using your guitar, delay, and a modulator? for some reason i feel like it could work in a video game. i can see pink floyd seeping through in that guitar instrumental section toward the end.

i love that sound coming out of the drums at the start and end with the sort of EQ pass filters being used and slight delay. gets that sort of futuristic sound which is why i said it might work on a game.

crit mine please?
really cool, reminds me a bit of buckethead, cool melody, its kindof pop techno-ie, i like it!

crit mine please? its in my sig
Ooooooo thats Phit. It's two things which make it stick out around here i have to say:

1) It NOT metal!
2) It extremely well produced!

It has a whole vibe which i really like. I'd call it "Horror Film Mellow" as it is very chill out, but it also has sitister elements which i found interesting to listen to. The tempo shifting was a daring move and i think it paid of; just more interesting to listen to. My one and only critisism is that i think the guitar was a wee bit out of tune. Just saying. Hope that helped.

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Really liked that! Great groove and excellent use of effects and atmopsphere. Nice job. Your other tune Synethesia is also really cool. Not sure if I recall correctly but isn't Synethesia smelling the sight of sound or something along those lines?
Cool intro, love the drums that come in at :28. Cool vocal things. Like the little upbeat drums in there. The effects on the guitar is really cool, how do you make it sound all watery like that? Very cool song man, good stuff.
I kept getting a 70's porn vibe, is that weird? Bow-chicka-bow-wow...

It was really enjoyable to listen to, though. I ended up on the third song before I realized it, lol.