I would kill for a snarling dog mold spore wah. Preferably one that is in great working condition, but i would consider offers for broken ones. Trades maybe considered, but only for a working one. Thanks!
So like, nipple hairs...is that sexy?
My Mold Spore is in good working condition. The only thing not perfect about it is that when you turn the knob to adjust the ring mod sound there is one small part of the turn where it cuts out. Like the pot needs to be cleaned or something. The wah pedal works and you can use it to change the ring mod pitch like it's supposed to. It's just that one small part that cuts out and I've never tried to fix it. I was looking at putting it on ebay but if you have a good offer maybe we can forgo the formalities. I'm sure you will keep in mind the rarity of this pedal. you can email me at zangeimer@gmail.com