So I'm trying to start a blog to motivate me to do stuff... but it's not very motivating if nobody sees it... so, if anyone's into that sort of stuff (blogging i guess you'd call it), or just really bored, check it out.


It's got a song I made with Reason linked from it called "Deep Jungle"... Sounds like you're walking through a jungle and some head-hunters are hitting the peace-pipe just watching you... maybe... just give it a listen.

Oh yea, and a three headed rhino would be badass as hell.
There is no three-headed rhino. Only your endless river of lies. I will be avenged.
Fight the machine.

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She lives in the next town!

You must ride your family cow over there and make sweet small town love. Then make sure she isn't the town bicycle.

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I should prosecute you for false advertising.

You'll Never Walk Alone
Misleading thread title


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