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Please let me know what you think--and don't hesitate to be brutally honest.

If anyone has any tips or recommendations on how I can improve, please let me know. I'd mostly like to know what people think about my singing. I'm self-taught at singing, so it's not exactly what I do best. I mess up more than enough of the phrases, haha.

If you respond, let me know if you have a cover or recording--and I'll try to give you a critique when I can. Thanks, I appreciate it.
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Good to see someone else is enjoying In Rainbows disc 2. All the playing is perfect, in fact I think I'm going to learn the piano part from this video. The vocals are off pitch in many places but you have a nice voice, it would be very pleasant to listen to you just need to practice. It will be great when you work on the vox, and you have great taste .

I've done quite a few RH covers if you want to check them out, on my profile. Would be great to get a radiohead fans opinion.