Quote by IV Sedatives
What is there to say?
I am not broken,
But I’ll be found someone to fix me anyday,

If you should ever come here again,
Tread these cobbles wisely,
My overzealous “friend”,

Tired of living my life by the stars,
I heard it in a song about astro cars,
A whole life time ago,

Sedate me my love,
The television thinks my thoughts for me,
Lives life how it thinks I should see,
Sedate me my love and I’ll forever be,
Still of mind,

Douse the car in flames,
In a swirling ball of light,
Molten company for Davey Jones tonight,

In another life I was free,
My big brother was a member of the family,
But now he is in everything I see,

Life time ago listening to an amnesiac of sorts,
Looking back, looking for a feeling I sought,
Found it finally, and they took it away from me,

Crit for Crit.
Criting those who crit me back right now. =] lol
So i presume this is about the television (actually wouldn't have had guessed it if you wouldn't have had mentioned it in the chorus! but then again, i don't quite feel very intellectual today...).

Something about how your life is influenced by the tv. It'll find someone to fix you anyday even when you're not broken.

I really like the chorus for this. Especially how you made the television the subject in here instead of yourself.
"The television thinks my thoughts for me,
Lives life how it thinks I should see,"
Like the way its the tv that is the blame here for doing everything (thinks your thoughts for you, lives its life the way you want it to see, like its doing everything and you're just sitting there watching it. Pretty cool!)

Getting to the technical bits, I don't quite feel the flow for this piece but i wouldn't say its flawed. Again like how you ended each line in a comma here with no full stops in the piece. Even the last line of the piece, you ended it in a comma and ended it with a sense of incompletion. Once again this one doesn't end too. It is gonna keep sedating you, leaving your thoughtless and speechless on the couch while it does all the thinking and living for you...

I hope i'm right here in my interpretation!!

And then again i don't quite feel too intellectual here. There were a good few bits i didn't quite understand in your piece...
But goos stuff as always!!
Hehe cheers for the interpretation. No interpretation is really "wrong" as such. But think about 1984 by George Orwell, and then re-read it if you would.