for a school project. It's a fair type thing, and in my room I'm having a strobe light and thought that rave type music would be suitable. But alas, I don't know where to start. I have some D Devils, but I would like to have more. Could anyone reccoemmend some music that would be good for my project?
Infected Mushroom
Analog Pussy
Man With no Name
1200 micrograms

Check out the Techno and dance thread in the other forum, ask there and you'll get soem awesome stuff.

Eric Prydz - Call on Me is a great song.

I hope you have a good speaker system.
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I made a pretty good techno song last week. If you want it, i can give it to you (or anybody that wants it).
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Techno, dance music, you say...!
Daft Punk are normally good for that sort of thing!
Simian Mobile Disco [that has more of an old school sort of feel to it, especially 'Believe'...]
But Pendulum DEFINITELY for the rave bit!! XD
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Orbital (Halcyon-and-on)
Katamari Fortissimo Damacy
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Aphex Twin

Not quite as flamboyantly homosexual as some other dance music (llolololo i kid) but it is pretty awesome.

Dance and Techno thread in Other section of Bands & Artists
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