And what might help get that soldier out of the hole in the pot's terminals? Mine sort of close them selfs back up when cool. If I didnt have one that is.
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A solder wick is a wire like wick that you place on the surface of the soldered are, heat with iron and that pull away to remove excess solder.

My experiences with solder wicks haven't been good, they tend to be messy and leave little spots of solder..I would suggest getting a solder sucker to remove that.
I dont know of a sucker either. Youre right I bought some wick stuff and it did almost nothing for me. I think I got it though.
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I dont know of a sucker either. Youre right I bought some wick stuff and it did almost nothing for me. I think I got it though.

Here's a link to a solder sucker, I don't know if that's the correct term, but that's what we always refer to them as at work.


You basically just pump it, and then press a button and it sucks in the solder. It works much butter than the wick.
i use the de-soldering braid for radioshack. works just fine, clean the joint with isopropyl alcohol when done, and you're ready to solder again. solder sucks seem to be a pain in the ass to be honest. i'd rather just use the brain. very easy, as long as you've got a hot iron, i like 20-40w switching irons.
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I don't have a problem with the desoldering braids either. I actually used them last night while wiring up some connections for my amp and it worked like a charm.
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What's really awesome for desoldering is a desoldering iron. It's like a soldering iron, but it has a hollow tip attached to a bulb. Press the bulb with your thumb, apply to solder, when the solder becomes molten, release the buld and it sucks all the solder up. These are your friend when removing LED digital displays, ICs, pots, and anything with more than 2 pins, basically. Definately worth the 11 bucks you spend on it.

i like the solder wicks, just have to keep cutting off the used part and not try to over use one part of it otherwise it becomes messy. its cheap, and saved me headaches. helped clean up a bunch of messy soldering from a previous owner on my last project in no time. pots almost looked brand new