Well that makes a welcome change from all those pro-terrorist advertisements.
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Mmm no it's fear-mongering and will just lead to a rise in people reporting 'suspicious-looking' bearded foreigners imo.
the whole thing has a creepy 1984ish feeling over it...
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I heard about this on the radio a few weeks back. Basically, loitering can now be considered an act of 'terrorism'.

Thank you George Orwell for being correct.
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I can so see this turning into a tool for practical jokers.
Yes, because reporting everybody who is different to you will help! Comrades that man is talking on a mobile! Report him to the thought police!

I hate everybody who actually reports people, they're the sheep that are screwing over our society, doing what they're told despite better judgement. Oh my God that man is brown and has a beard, arrest him! We need more CCTV to make sure we're safe!

EDIT: ^ Yeah, unfortunately when they say 'anonymous' they really mean 'if we want we can track you, so don't bull**** us'.