There's a difference between a music school (Juliard) and majoring in music at a regular college (Temple University). You may or may not get into Juliard; they might not care about grades. However, grades and SAT scores are important for regular colleges.

You don't need straight As to get into regular colleges, but decent grades are good.
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If u wanted to go to college for music and you were a really good musician but didn't have great grades would u still get in

Grades matter for sure. I did pretty bad in high school, due to the fact that I only cared about playing guitar. I graduated because my accounting teacher gave me the "gift" of a D- so I could pass. Pretty sad I know.

The solution for me was to go to a local community college for a couple years to bring up the grades and get some classes out of the way. Then I moved on to University and did quite well. I also went to GIT .... but that was garbage. I would highly recommend a university over an Institute. At least over GIT.
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I would highly recommend a university over an Institute.
Agreed. I also recommend a double-major in music and business or something else with which you can realistically make a career.