If i played a progression in the key of A minor using all 5th power chords I am pretty sure i could use the G mixolydian scale, the A minors, B lochrian, c major, D dorian, and E phrygian. I think I could use all those scales because a power chord isn't really major or minor and even though those are modes they just consist of the octives of each other. power chords aren't like other chords were you can only use a certain scale to lead over.
Here's the thing. If you play "G Mixolydian" over an Am progression, you would call it A Minor, not G Mixolydian. The name of the mode is determined by the backing chords, not the phrasing or position of your melody.
Another thing is that B Locrian doesn't have a perfect fifth, so to play B Locrian over a B5 wouldn't work out exactly.
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