I'm still a beginner in the world of guitar with about a month and a half of practice and i'm having a few problems along the way.

Bends-If I bend the 1st or 2nd string, whenever I bring it back into normal position, I always seem to make the 3rd or 4th string vibrate. I think its because they are getting caught on either my fingernail or my callouses (spelling?)

Pull offs-Whenever I release the 1st note, am I supposed to snap down when I release? If I do not snap the string when I release, all I hear is a very quiet note afterwards, and I am releasing the 1st note as fast as I can. (as in I pull my finger off as quickly as I can)

So how can I fix these two problems?
with pull-offs when you release the first note with your first finger you pluck it as you release to make the second note fuller
ahh yes string bends i remember the day haha

what you want to do is get 2 or 3 fingers on your bend so that they can mute the other strings but also give you more control, sometimes muting with the palm of your picking hand will work too but you may need to practice not muting the string your bending

as with the pull off's as Krn ^ said. you just give it a little flick with your finger as you pull off to make it ring clear. dont wont just keep practicing these are things that come with time

good luck!
when doing a pull-off move your finger off to the side, not in a straight up motion. Doing this quickly usually helps too. You want it to be like your almost plucking the string again with your left hand.
i feel like there is a little downward motion with the pull off that s help pronounce it better. no?
the more you practice the easier it gets. dont worry you be back on here in about a month trying to learn how to right hand tap or sweep. its a stage we all go through. just dont get into bad habits by practicing wrong and don't try to play faster than you can while keeping it from getting sloppy. and just feel it it'll come
Bends are going to be difficult to learn whenever, but they'll be even harder so early on because you won't have developed that much finger strength or control yet. Just practice them a little bit each day because you've got to give it time for your hands to develop...if you just sit there trying to do bends for 3 hours straight it's not going to help.
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