Hey Guys,
i was wondeing if anyone has heard of a company called "Xotic Pedals" apprently Allen Holdsworth,Greg Howe,Allen Hinds use these pedals. Also should i get the Xotic AC Plus or a Keeley Ultra Modded DS-1?
I Play Fusion and Shred. my gear is listed below thanks.

Fractal Axe FX
VHT 2/50/2
Orange 4x12
Voodoo Lab Ground Control Pro

Ibanez RGA 121 w/ Crunchlab and Liquifire
Music Man John Petrucci Mystic Dream
ERG Custom Guitar
the only pedal from xotic that i had the fortune to play was the BB preamp. and it was one of the best overdrive pedals ive ever played. ive heard about the ac plus along with the rc booster, and i heard they are also amazing pedals. though im not sure if its good for shred. the keeley modded ds1 is supposed to sound like a marshall tube amp (i think). i say you check out the bb preamp though..