I have had a chance to play the rg 350 dx and think it's nice. I'm not willing to go too much over 400 and I like the look of both, the sound of the Ibanez, and from what I could gather from reviews and watching youtube videos the ESP KH 202 seems pretty sweet too though. They don't have the KH-202 in the guitar center near me or the three other guitar stores I have gone too so I can't compare it myself. Any advice? I'm a beginner and have been playing with a crappy strat knockoff for a few months now, which is still a lot of fun, but I plan on using some of my college graduation money towards a new guitar and these two are my favorites.
I'd say the Ibanez also. I very nearly bought one myself not long ago infact, just sort of didn't happen lol.
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thanks for the quick responses. I might be sold on Ibanez although now the Jackson has piqued my interest why the Jackson over the Ibanez? I'll admit unless the Jackson sounds noticeably better or is a more quality guitar I am a big fan of the look of the white Ibanez Rg350dx.