I already posted this in the electric guitar forum but I figured this might be a better place...

Using the line-out from my ME-50 I plugged in a cheap pair of headphones I had lying around and I was actually slightly impressed at how well it sounded. Now I want a pair of decent headphones. Problem is I dont know much about them other than that they can get pretty expensive.

Does anybody else play with headphones? And what kind would you recommend?
get either sony DJ style ones, they're pretty good, or sennheiser's. I got the HD202's for listening to music, and they have amazing sounds quality. really tight bass and good highs, if that's what you're looking for. i was also recommended sennheiser HD215's, apparently they're really good. make sure you get a pair that's closed, they'll be more comfortable, and have better sound quality.
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Dude, just get some cheaper name brand (sony, pioneer...) from wal-mart or radio shack. thats what i use and they sound just fine for practice.
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Dude, just get some cheaper name brand (sony, pioneer...) from wal-mart or radio shack. thats what i use and they sound just fine for practice.

I highly doubt that cheap headphones sound great.

If you have never used high end great sounding phones you just dont know what you are missing. I remember when I used to use $20 Jensen headphones on my e-drums and thought they sounded killer but after getting a set of Grado Labs SR80s and the HD280s I could tell how much I was missing.

Bose are advertized a lot and high in price, I also find they add a lot of bass to the mix.
I dont like phones that color the sound too much so I tend to stay away from those.
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one of the best ive ever used are some powered noise cancelling isolation headphones from bose. damn they were pricey though
wow i'm surprised ug knows about headphones
good to know
and you guys are right
sennheiser make great headphones
i have a pair of hd 497's and their awesome (not the same as the above mentioned ones, but still awesome)
point is sennheisers ftw
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I highly doubt that cheap headphones sound great.

Cheaper headphones frequently sound better through digital guitar equipment because of less emphasis on the harsh high-end. I like sony DJ headphones better than my HD280s with my POD. Better for hi-fi =/= better for guitar.
Playing with headphones sucks....
I'd rather play my acoustic or just unplug - fuck headphones!

The ****in' wire/chord/w/e gets all tangled & **** with/on/around your guitar...

An definite no for me....8>|
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How do you guys make sure your headphones don't spoil?My headphones spoil all the time.It'll stop sounding at 1 side then I have to twist the jack around to for it to work and after sometime,both side dies...it really sucks when that happened to my pretty expensive headphone.
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Hi there, i do the same as you, plug my headphones into my boss ME-50. At first I was using a cheap pair and it sounded ok. now i use sennheiser RS-140 and it sounds great. great thing about these is that they're wireless and charge easily using the cradle!
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Hey thanks guys for all the input. I think I'll be going with the sennheisers. Im not too worried about having a wire get in my way. If its long enough I can deal with it. The pair of head phones im using now have about a 3 foot wire which makes me have to put the ME-50 on top of my amp to get it close enough to me haha.
have a look at Bose. i bought some while i was on holiday in america that cost me $140 but they are worth every dollar. they're noise canceling and sound amazing!
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