Hi I have just got my first electric, an Ibanez AM73 Artcore semi acustic. So far I love it but i can't come to terms with what Knob dose what and where I should have the switch pickup setting. I'm trying to get that clasic blues kind of sound.?????? any sugestions would be a great help. please help simon.
tone all the way down?
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use the neck pickup

since idk how many knobs u got, knobs typically go like this:
usually a volume and a tone knob, or 2 volumes and 1 or 2 tones

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The two knobs closest to the strings are the neck pickup volume and tone. The knobs farther away are for the bridge pickup. The toggle switch goes from neck-middle(both pickups)-bridge. Try the neck pickup volume around 6, tone around 6. Bridge volume a little higher. The ACH pickups can be a little muddy, so you may want to tool around with your amp settings as well.
thanks. I kindof worked out a couple of the knobs and Jason43 answered all my questions. i kept on trying to find the master volume. (not there) thanks. keep on rockin.