Formed in August of 2007, being our first band we only had practice amps. Our equipment and skill has grow so much since then. We're all still in High School so it limits the how far and how much we can travel.

Check us out and comment.

You guys are great. I love your use of dynamics
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Sounds good..

Recording quality is amazing!
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Quote by theguitarplayin
you sound jus tlike A Perfect Circle. nice job boys

That sure is a first, i haven't heard that comparison yet.

We recorded in a local studio, we're friends with the band that owns it. They have really nice amps we used.

Hiwatt Orange Marshall Sunn heads
You guys remind of Sigur Ros and Thrice (Vheissu/Alchemy Index)
I lurv it.

The Fahrenheit designs for the shirt/cd are awesome.

I never knew there were so many good bands on UG.
Alot like Mogwai, I love it. It's epic, soothing and massive. Great production, great melodies. Only problem is the lack of vocals. I'd seriously buy a CD if it had some good vocals. Only Unknown really strikes you at the heart. Very penetrating, and the best part is, I got shivers through the whole song. This is original, harmonic, and absolutely brilliant.
Wow, thanks man! Having no vocals does cause some controversy, but it allows us to focus on pushing the emotion out through the instruments. We are into bands that do have vocals, such as These arms are snakes, but that popish indie sound just isnt us.

Thanks again.

Listen to Team Sleep (Google, then Myspace) if you haven't heard them. That's the type of vocals that would fit you.
I love post-metal/rock so your guys' sound is awesome in my book. I could see vocals enhancing your sound if they're used in the right way. I like how Justin Broadrick of Jesu has his vocals low in the mix so that they aren't in the forefront but instead act as another instrument. But I see what you mean about not having vocals. Russian Circles does a great job of capturing the listener's attention w/o vocals so I know it can be done. That's just my 2 cents. Anyways, I love what I'm hearing so far and I'm looking forward to hearing more from you guys.