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Same as all the other "Rate the Above" threads.

Just keep it realistic. No "Zomg, I aet your mom last LLOOOOLLOLOOL"

I guess Ill start.

Pizza with extra cheese.
sounds good

someone has to say it
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8/10 fast food....but still very satisfiying

i had a lamb roast with mashed potatoes...slow cooked for like 6 hours...with gravy
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10/10 if it's earl grey

3/10 if it's breakfast.

indian takeaway.

the chinese was shut ={

4/10, I don't especially like Indian.
Margherita Pizza
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Margherita Pizza

not as good as real margaritas.

Apple turnover
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mmm yum

(just in case you dont know this is what it is
its a frech stlye doughnut)
10 yummy

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Just googled it and I remember as a kid, I tried a few scoops. I honestly hated the stuff, but if you like it good for you


I'm eating chocolate flavored ice cream right now.

EDIT: Funny how we gave the same rating?

sunflower seeds are just a generic snack for me. 6/10
5/10. sounds kinda gross

speghetti and meat sauce with lots of parmesean cheese
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spaghetti would get you a solid 8/10, but with a lot of parmesean, im dropping it to a 6/10.

i had a plate of "Loaded" Fries. they had chedder and mozzarella cheese on them, plus bacon, and scallions.
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