my good friend owns one, he's made some changes, but yeah..what do you want to know?
i played one in store a few months ago. it's very nice, the action is fairly low, the neck shape feels great, and the pickups are fair

overall, i'd say 8/10
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this is barely a question. only an idiot would buy a zune.
I have played one briefly and I want to buy it, I just want to know how it breaks in....meaning will like sweating or wear kind of take the faded look away and kind of give it the laquer look like it did with my friends faded SG>?
my friend's is about five months old, and the only difference in looks from the day he got it is the new pickups. i'd say the finish is going to last, at least through normal playing.
Ok I was planning on going worn brown...looks a little better than the faded cherry.
it will wear in and the back of the neck will get all glossy looking and will be EXTREMELY smooth after about a year of playing, if you want the body glossy youll have to buff it, but it will react exactly the the faded SG
i have had a worn brown one for about three years and there is a little wear on the back of the neck, and i have exposed some wood around the strings from strumming
Killer guitar, for a gibson, i used have one untill i sold it for my carvin. Id probly go for an esp instead.
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