I'm sure people have asked others to recommend a Jack Johnson sounding guitar, and I'm sure most people say it comes from his playing style more than the guitar's making... But still, I know how he plays, and I can play like he does, I just need a guitar that sounds like his. Any recommendations? (Budget is $300 used or new)
o without the budget i would recommend the "doves in flight" acoustic, it is sex. look it up
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this is the "guitar under $300" thread that's stickied.

Good place to look.
And I'm honestly not sure that you will be able to find a guitar like any of those that Jack Johnson plays. I believe he uses a Takamine sometimes so you might want to look more into them. But for the most part now he uses Cole Clarks, and a Maton and a Taylor here and there.
I know you won't find anything really like Cole Clark at all unless you go and buy a Cole Clark. Unfortunately, they cost a fair bit more than your budget. Similar with the Matons, they have a less distinctive tone but they're still fairly different to anything else out there. To get a taylor-ish sound will probably be a bit more achievable but still, the best Taylor tone comes from a Taylor.

That came out fairly negative but I don't think you should take it as a negative thing. I mean, it's fairly hard to pick what type of guitar is being played from the tone alone. I can often pick a cole clark when it's played live, they have a very distinctive sound, especially when plugged in but it's almost impossible to be sure. On a recording it gets even harder to pick. The main thing really is his technique if you can get that down pat then thats the biggest thing.

If I was trying to get close to his tone I would go for something thats pretty bright sounding as both Taylors and Cole Clarks are pretty bright sounding guitars.

Sorry for the long rambling post. Its friday arvo/night and I tend to ramble on fridays. Hopefully theres some useful stuff in there.
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Many people say the Epiphone Dove is good, but how would you guys describe the sound? As for the bright sound Johnson has, what type of wood gives that type of sound?
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Many people say the Epiphone Dove is good, but how would you guys describe the sound? As for the bright sound Johnson has, what type of wood gives that type of sound?

although wood is a large factor, at your price range... it's not really so much about the wood because you will most likely only get a solid top and laminate sides/back at best. i would argue that it's only really important if you have solid wood. also... if you can really(and i mean really) play like johnson, you'll sound like him no matter what guitar you use. in my opinion, at the $300 price range, you probably wont be getting a guitar that really sounds like his no matter how good of a bargain you get.
Personally, I wasn't that fond of either the Epiphone Hummingbird or Dove. They were OK but just not my thing. I'd say go down to your local music store and try as many of those guitars as you can. Most of them will suit your needs pretty well (with the exception of the guitars that have cedar tops) so you should go and try to play them and find one you like best. Cos just because I didn't like the epiphones much, doesn't mean you won't like them too. Plenty of people prefer them over most of the guitars listed in that thread.
Its a much softer, more mellow sort of sound. Has a lot more tonal complexity than spruce and is better suited to fingerpicking and lighter playing as when you strum a guitar with a cedar top hard you tend to loose a lot of definition and get muddy.

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