Alright, so here's the deal:

My friend Lewis wants a new bridge sometime in the near future. And he asked me about some stuff.
I've suggested to him the Dimarzio Evolution, Evo 2, and Breed. I also mentioned Bareknuckle, but it's highly unlikely that we find those in the states.

He plays a vintage Kramer Focus 3000, and it has a OFR, so F-spaced, yes?
It already has a switch for split-coil, that is why I suggested the Breed.

He is in a cover/original band that plays literally anything from Pink Floyd to Beastie Boys to Motorhead.

He runs his guitar through a Line 6 POD XT Live pedal into a Fender FM212R (yes, not a great amp, but we're here for the pickups!).

He wants a nice dynamic range and relatively high output/hot pickup. When I mentioned the articulative nature of the Evo's he kind of grinned, so not muddy but nothing too articulate...keep it upper-intermediate playing ability. and he does not want an active pickup.

Any ideas?
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DiMarzio D-Activators are pretty sweet and versatile, and have a nice articulated sound.
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