I heard about people having difficulty with them, but I went ahead and ordered one because I've seen what they can do. Ordered mine at Musicians Friend and just got it today, and I'm guessing my problem is similar to what many others have experienced, and that's a broken Regen knob. The blue indicator LED light is broken too, but that's nothing to me. You should be able to tell if the effect is engaged. :P

So I guess the delay and mix knobs work okay, the modulation probably does as well, I don't know, I spent very little time with it. I can't get any repeats out of this thing at all. Although, I never thought I would hear a more beautiful clean sound. I don't really have any experience with delay pedals, but with the delay on this cranked up it sounded amazing.

I'm not sure what this pedal is supposed to be capable of, but as it is right now, my guess is not much. So I'll have to be sending it back. I just hope this will be the only time I'll have to make the exchange, because it sounds like the majority of the first shipment ended up this way.
That's ashame. I was really looking forward to these. I like my Echo Park, but it's a pain to use, as I can never get it sounding the same way twice, and it needs a special power supply. A GC here had one and I didn't try it, but I noticed the GC person setting it up was having issues.