The coolest show is on G4 Tv right now! It's called Unbeatable Banzuke. Its made from the creators of Ninja Warrior too. IMO this show is way more "intense" than Ninja Warrior. Anyone else seen this yet?
I love that show. I had G4 for a few days because my cable company screwed up a bit, and I loved watching that show all day on the weekend.
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Wtf is G4

Its mainly a channel devote to technology and video games, but they show other shows like cops, ninja warrior, and unbeatable banzuke.
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I love the Ottoto 9 where they balance the pole. The only people who I've seen been added to the Banzuke were the unicycle and daruma 7 challengers (aside from the push-up challenge, because there is always a winner on that one). But yeah, I love those crazy shows!
There is too much hand walking/stilt walking/unicycle walking courses for my tastes. I wish they'd show the more interesting events once in a while.

The Daruma 7 is also frustrating to watch.

Oh and the helicopter course. That's okay I guess. It's fun the the first time you see it. But then you realize there is a lot of "get this ridiculous thing through this course."
It's a great show. The pogo stick episode is insane
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