I recently installed a Gibson Tony Iommi signature pickup into the bridge position of my Epi Les Paul standard. I have read multiple accounts about how this pickup is very loud, but mine is actually much quieter than the stock pickup it replaced. I have tried it through several amps and a guitar processor, and they all produced the same quiet results. I have checked Gibson's wiring instructions and rewired and checked and switched and rewired multiple times, changed the pickup height, and adjusted everything I can think to adjust, but I cannot seem to get the pickup to work correctly. It works, just much quieter than what I assume it should be. I was just wondering if anybody had any suggestions about what I could do to fix this problem. Thanks a lot everybody.
It says they are 4 wire pickups did you connect the wires right and the reviews on MF say they arent as hot as advertised. Cant seem to find any info on the output. But from everything Ive read they are really way overpriced for what you get.