i'm undecided on what to use ghs or ernie ball i seem to like them both but something about them both bug me at times and drs lately have been inconsistent what do yoyu guys think ?
I had Ghs before and didn't like them.
And I had Earnie Ball for abour 4,5 years untell switched to D'Addario
So out of the two i would say earnie ball
It's pure preference, man. I like GHS Nickel Rockers on my strat and Ernie Balls on my ES135. It's just about what agrees with your guitar the best.
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ive noticed that ghs does not agree at all with my les paul for what ever reason my strat depends on which one oddly enough
i use GHS. i love them. they dont last very long, but i change strings every couple of weeks anyway because i play out every week
not a fan of the ghs.

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I started off 2 years ago with Ernie Balls, then I went to GHS Boomers, then to D'Addario (currently using). I would rank them as follows:

1: Ernie Ball
2: D'Addario
3: GHS Boomers
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Ernie Ball have to be the worst strings I've ever played. They sound like crap (I TRIED to like them), the don't last long (maybe a week), I broke them like crazy (never broken GHS Boomers), and they just feel ****ty.

GHS Boomers (10-52), however sound nice n' bright, they last me a LONG time, I have NEVER broken 'em, and they feel great .

Now that is an unbiased opinion .
Die to Me thats sounds like a very biased opinion but to each his own. EB strings > GHS strings by far. not even close on tone, feel, and durability...
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I absolutely hate Ernie's. Ive tried using them many time on my LP and strat. Over 5 sets on each guitar!! When they hit the 4 week point the winding on one of the wound strings breaks.

GHS all the way.
I used to use Ernie Balls, but then one set died in 1 week. I was totally like WTF?! Now I use D'addario's and they are great. They last pretty long too!
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out of those two id go GHS, lasted ages for me.

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