well i got home today and decided i was sick of metal/metalcore/epic/metal in general posts here and picked up my guitar and told myself to make something different.

here's what i got.

it sounds like some island video game music.

i'll add more and post it later, i just wanted to see peoples reactions :P

*Already updated lol.
Really happy...zip
Really happy..2.zip
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ahhh, I loved it!

the slidey part on guitar 3 was excellent. I seriously loved every second of it. keep working with this.
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All I can say is I really liked it. I agree with Its_Rock77, the slide guitar was great. It's nice to see something that isn't metal on here too.

Hurry up and do more, I want to see where it goes.
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It made me shake my hips whilst sitting down.

ditto, really good rhythm to it and I also loved the slides

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