i'm upgrading from a 15w mg, i just need something around 15w or less. which is better a vox ad15vt or valve king royal 8? they are both $200 but are there anything better?
I dont know.. but.. Here in peru can find one for 30 bucks or less... (is not a joke)
Good Luck..
VKR would be better....but check out the epi valve junior too
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Save up and get a better amp. Upgrading from a practice amp to another practice amp is pretty pointless. Save up like 500 and get like a 30 or 50 watt tube combo.

Valve Junior is good but it's not easy to get what you want out of (it's more of a project amp). The Royal 8 is pretty good, but I'd say in terms of practice amps the Roland Cube 30x has these beat.
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Yeh the SICK! bit sounds a bit stupid.


What do you play? What kind of guitar do you have?
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i play alternative, progressive, and some bassy metal, but actually i play a lot of genres so i might want versatility
It might be slightly more than $200 but I'd highly suggest...

Epiphone Valve Jr +
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Just my .02

Roland Microcube but I'm not sure what the price is.

Great practice amp.
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I dont know.. but.. Here in peru can find one for 30 bucks or less... (is not a joke)
Good Luck..

this guy is telling the truth
i gues, i live un peru and you can find some crasy deals around here

TS i woudl suggest you tu buy a 30watts laney or a vox
they are 2 good choices and 30watts amps usually come with a 10" speaker wich makes a fuller sound compared to 8" speakers
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If you're getting a practice amp with the idea of upgrading to a tube later, I would get the AD15. It'll offer you a greater variety of tones and has a headphone jack perfect for a practice amp. Once you settle on the main tones you want, you can pick out a good tube amp that produces them natively.