New poem thingy I wrote, C4C of course.

It started off as just a kiss,
The year has past, we reminisce
For we know that we caused the scene,
And I was stuck, caught in between

Myself and all the lies i told,
The things I left persuing gold,
California calls on the horizon,
light spills as i realize.

Things are bright from far away,
But the closer you get,
the quicker they change.

And when you think you've grasped the noose,
There's some who will cut you loose
And as you fall onto your ass,
You'le see they can forgive the past.
Cuz time is said to heal all wounds,
But the past, the present, and the future looms
And we can chase again, and persue the gold,
Or grasp on right here to what we hold.
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