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ya its a really old song i recorded byself in my old band and we threw it on the site so we just had something. i was wondering what you guys thought of it. the sound in the background is suppose to be waves because charontus is that dude in hell who rowed people across the river. idk its kinda annoying. but ya im in lute tuning and i finger pick the whole thing. the timing is prolly off because i didnt record to a click or ne thing. ya C4C.
The music really fits the name on this one! I applaud your creativity on that, pretty neat. The guitar is nice and clean and really sets the mood. I agree with Demolisha that it does get a little repetitive/monotonus, especially with the crashing waves(though they do add effect and personally I think it sounds better with them than it would without). That could be fixed just by adding a little break in the middle with a little different pattern and perhaps changing the tempo a bit. Anyhow, good job-- It's easy on the ears.