Hey, guys. I’m in need of some information about the Gibson SG Junior.

I recently came across this pic-

All I know about this SG is that it is a reissue from the late ‘60s, when the original Gibson SG Juniors had the single “soapbar” P-90.

Now, here are my questions-

In exactly what year did Gibson reissue SG Juniors (like the one in the above pic)- 2000 or 2001? It must be during the early 2000’s, but I do not know which year.

These SG Juniors (like the one in the above pic) were typically reissues from what year- 1968 or 1967?

My gut feeling is that the guitar in the above pic is a Gibson SG Junior 1967 Reissue. What do you guys think??

Thanks in advance!
i haven't a clue, but there are some sites on the internet where you can date guitars. might be worth looking into. maybe even on the gibson site?
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