What would YOU choose? I'm leaning towards the Hagstrom, has a nicer neck and coil tap. Just wondered if anyone had any comments before I pulled the trigger.
on personal taste, i'd go for the epi since you could rip it up and make it a project guitar. so you are open to more possiblities, cause i would not want to at all mod the hagstrom too much of a nice guitar to frankenstien.
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yeah but whats the point on getting the project guitar when you can have THE guitar. hargstrom all the way IMO
Hagstrom has very thin neck. If you have big hand go for Epiphone, instead.
The Hagströms I've tried has seemed to be much more quality for the price than Epis, and they have played better too. I would definitly go for the Hagström Super Swede, even if I like Swedes better due to the 24,75" scale.
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I feel a hagstrom group coming on.

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I'd join.

And yeah, go for the Swede. as long as you don't mind the Fender scale-length on it, it'll suit you better than the Epi.
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