I've been offered both. I can't seem to decide whats the better of the two, I play mostly Rock/Hard rock stuff and some metal plus bits of blues/jazz. I'm leaning towards the Schecter because it seems more versatile. But im not sure how they compare, or how good the tele would be for some metal.






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Well the Tele can't really compare to the C1 in terms of metal...

However the Tele does spread out with more versatility in playing blues and jazz but seeing as you mostly play rock, the C1 is the way to go...no question.
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Just got my schecter c-1 hellraiser... dont know what the hell i did without it.
Unless you MUST have tele. Schecter C-1 + is better in every aspects, coil split knob makes it very versatile.
Thanks guys, I'll probably go with the C!+

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That is one sweet guitar, I Played the C1+ and the hellraiser and ended up going with the hellraiser but i really liked the c1+ also. It just came down to the fact that I wanted to play harder stuff so i went with the hellraiser for better heavy sounds.