i Just Got a Floyd Rose guitar and my strings keep breaking..

what is causing this???

and how to fix it...??
Check the tension on the briidge is levelled, and is balanced correctly. If you check, I'm sure there is a sticky about floyd rose's.

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I have a brand new Dean Vendetta. It stays in tune and the action and setup is fine. But whenever I dive the locking nut pops or is causing the strings to pop. This is the first floyd rose tremolo guitar I have ever owned. I originally thought it was the springs but when i loosened the locking nuts it wouldnt pop. And then I finally narrowed it down to it being the 2 low strings locking nut that is popping ONLY. I am really unfamiliar with the whole locking tremolo system so can anybody give me some advice to what this annoying ass problem could be!?
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