I have an American Strat and an orange tiny terror. I want some EHX pedals. I play blues and funk and classic rock. I'm tonally going for the solo in Comfortably Numb. Do you think an EHX big muff pi would be good for me? I'm also thinking of getting an EHX Holy Grail.
Anyways I'm pretty positive I'll get the muff pi unless there's some huge reason why I shouldn't. Should I buy a new one or a vintage one? Do they sound different? I know I'm getting a USA one not a sovtek, but are there advantages in the newer ones? Because I am thinking of bidding on a 1978 original one on ebay merely because I enjoy vintage things, and he says it works perfectly. What do you guys say? Should I get it? Should I get a new muff pi instead? Should I ditch the muff pi idea and get a different pedal? Thanks
I have a new USA big muff and i dont like it because it only sounds good with power coards
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^^ That's probably due to your amp.

TS, the Big Muff is definitely a good option for distortion. And vintage is almost always better.


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I really like the Muff for that singing lead tone. Go for it.
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DON'T get a new Big Muff at ALL COSTS. It will not get you the Comfy Numb tone. Get either an old green Sovtek model, or a BYOC Large Beaver. Can I ask why you don't want a Russian one? The new Muffs are awful, and the old ones are dying and reeeeally expensive. The green Sovtek Muffs are up there with the old ones in quality, and are much cheaper. I have one. I'd say they're better than the vintage EHX models that look like the current run, too.

For the full effect you'll also need either an EHX Electric Mistress (avoid the new stereo model), or if Pulse/Delicate Sound Of Thunder is your thing a Boss CE-2. A delay is also a necessity for this solo. There's no need for reverb with Floyd- get a good, warm delay instead.
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Yeah I doubt I was going to buy the new one. I just like vintage pedals too much to do that
Here's the one I'm looking at:
It's still under $100. There's about 3 days though, so maybe it will jump up.

The only reason I didn't want the sovtek is because I heard it sounded muddier and less "creamy" and has less sustain. But if you think it's better for me then I'll check out some youtube vids.

Thanks for the help
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Maybe the new Sovtek ones are less sustainful/muddy, but the new U.S. ones are too. There are 2 kinds of Russian models that are great: a green one with black text (which is the one in the Ebay auction, it looks nice) and a blue and white one that's commonly called a "Civil War" model, due to how it looks. The Civil War models are more expensive as they're a little older, but they are pretty much identical to the green ones. Both of them will do you well on your Comfy Numb endeavors.

They're more expensive than the new ones, but once you get one and start churning out some Floyd you'll understand why!
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^ awesome! That was a very helpful post. I'll probably go for the Russian one in the link then. Thanks a lot man.