Does anyone have any experience with this guitar? I won't be ble to afford the real Fender deal as I'm moving out (again!) in August. It's one of a few new axes I'm looking at having sold both my electrics. Can it get close to a Rickenbacker sound? I've seen it usually priced around £230-£250, but one website has it for just £170, and I think it may be a steal, but they aren't available in any local shops!
Well I'm in the UK and you can get them off the net pretty easy.
Dont know about a ricky sound, the body is smaller. I read a really good review of them and they apparently have plenty of treble on offer despite the follow body which I imagine is the sound you want. kinda like a cutting glass sound.

It wont nail the sound but is deffo something to consider. try reading some reviews on Harmony Central or something.

I'm mad on tele's so I'm always gonna tell you thier great.

Italia Guitars do some semi hollows shaped like a ricky but no idea what the sound islike as they have a mini humbucker in them. but have a look at them aswell.
It's not gonna sound like a rickenbacker, mostly because the pickups are still tele pickups.

I've played one of them in a guitar store for a while and although it didn't seem too bad, I was playing it through a very nice amp (Fender Twin). There's a lot of twang and top end, which you'd expect from a tele, but with a richer bottom end courtesy of the semi-hollow construction. It doesn't seem to feedback as severely as other semi-hollows but the low-quality squier pickups really let it down. If you want a really solid tone without paying for the Fender version, get the Squier, then swap out the pickups, it won't sound quite like the Fender but it's the closest you'll get without buying it.