ok so i play guitar but want to buy a bass to have some fun on cause nobody around here plays bass. i only wanna spend a max of $400 AUS on a pack as it will just be for use in the bedroom and such, nothing to good.

i have found these 3 packs which are in my price range

Ibanez GSR190J Jumpstart Bass Guitar & Amp Pack

Epiphone EB-0 4 String Bass Guitar and Amplifier Package

Legend RB400 Bass Pack

so yeah can anyone help me with this and any other suggestions on a bass pack
the epiphone seems to have the best amp (3 band EQ) but i prefer a bass with 2 pups, like the ibby or the last one and both of those are pretty much equal, you get a stand with the last one, but the ibanez is probably a safer bet
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For how much your looking to spend you'd be better buying seperate. The bigger the amp you get the better. small bass amps are pretty crap.
Bass wise it depends on what sound you want. the epiphone is small scale.

You can get a bass modelling combo or a multi effects with modelling so that you have more sound options.
allans in sydney yeh?


allans is a HUGE ripoff, they jack up the prices in hope some idiot will walk with no idea wat he is buying and pay full price.

a $400 at allans should b more around the $350 mark, pehaps they will throw in sum strings or sum leads. I happen to have a friend who works there, so i get a discount =)

i bought my first bass rig for $500, Cort 4 strgin G series, Ashton 70W amp.
I still have the amp, and it sucks balls, but the bass is freaking hectic for its RRP price ($350)
so the ibanez we all reckon aye, i shall try to talk the guys at allens down then i think or get them to throw in some free stuff atleast
if you end up buying a high end bass later form allans, check out the fender american jazz bass there, im buying that one. allready payed deposit! the RRP is like 2300, but else where its been down too 2100

oh, and i tried that epiphone at allans, wasnt very good. I'd take the ibanez
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hmm yeah i think the ibanez sounds good, the guy at allens today said it was a good bass, that or some yamaha one but i think ill go the ibanez now

any more suggestions???
But Id think youd be better off to get the bass separate so you can get a better amp.
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Yep ibanez. SG was not meant to be a model for a bass looks ugly.
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epis arent great basses and the other i havent tried it
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