Poll: When watching a YouTube video of a live band, would you prefer...
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View poll results: When watching a YouTube video of a live band, would you prefer...
High qulity audio with average quality video?
23 82%
High quality video with low quality audio?
5 18%
Voters: 28.
Hey there guys and gals of UG!

For a uni project I have to launch a "web presence" of some sort through an online channel of our choosing. Ive chosen to go for YouTube since I was planning to shoot some live footage of my band anyway and I thought it might help my project if I could get a feel for what the YouTube viewers prefer in a live video.

Would you rather have good quality Audio with average video quality, or great quality pictures with terrible sound?

I know we'd all prefer to have great quality of both video and audio, but unfortunately for me, those pro cameras are expensive!

So please do answer the poll and help me out with my assignment. And feel free to post what you answered and why, it would all be a huge help to me
Average video and good audio for me I guess... I watch lots of song covers...
High quality audio because usually I just listen and don't watch the video.
Wow, speedy responses! Thanks a lot guys, I had a solid feeling the poll would swing towards good audio, personally I hate those mobile phone videos where all you hear is distortion but judging by the number of them on YouTube I thought I was the only one!
high audio. would be nice if you could see who is playing instead of some dots though:P
A hero of war, Yeah that's what I'll be

i'd rather hear the thing than watch high definition plasma quality and listen to fuzzing.