yeee good morning!(at least for me)
the song is on my profile called ub-02

so i just finished recording a new song yesterday , took me about 3 hours(some parts were really hard to do for me ... ) and still some parts are kinda sloppy but meh...

i can't mix it properly because my real headphones don't work anymore (but atleast i tried)..
and now i only got those crappy little headphones that you stick in your ear haha..
so , sorry for that

and no solo in there , actually i've written one for it but after some major changes in the song it didn't fit anymore (wich does suck because that's my best solo i've ever written , by far . actually the first REAL solo )
(if you want to help me on that quest , i will upload the guitarpro for you)

so yea hope to get some crits , c4c of course
and sorry again , for the crappy english ... i just woke up
english is not my native language
Its pretty good. What drum program are you using?
ESP M-201
Crate CR-280
Line 6 Uber Metal Distortion Pedal
personally i couldn't hear much wrong with the song apart form the mix which i guess couldn't be helped with your lack of headphones, i just lost my beyer dynamics and mixing on anything else sucks.
but the only bad things about the mix was the guitars seemed really quiet and the snare was really loud, maybe just spread the frequencies out between the snare and guitars and the guitars will cut through better.

one last thing, add vocals and it will sound sick

keep it up