I would go to a stylist or something but I don't do anything with my hair.
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I mean things like mohawks, feax hawks, liberty spikes, tell what brand of gel or spray you use, and then tell how you style the hair with it.

Redken gel
Feax Hawk ftw

Let my hair do whatever the f*ck it wants...

Wash my hair every day then pull on any parts that go to curley... There i have wavey hair for a day... But my hair isnt long anymore so it odsnt look that good =[
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use google

also, a lot of people use glue for really big mohawks

personally i use Garnier Surf Hair but i don't have a mohawk
Rockin' shit
if your hair is long and messy, but you can do nothing about it, just wear a sadus t shirt and pretend you're hardcore and you'll look normal.