Ok, first off, let me start by saying that it is a good song. If I heard this on a Myspace page somewhere I'd be impressed, and if I heard it on a professional CD I definitely wouldn't be dissapointed. However, biggest problem is the mix/quality. It's terrible. There's not much clarity with the guitars, and at the first part it'd be better if you had both guitars playing the same thing, and then the left guitar changes to playing the harmonised riff, rather than starting with just one guitar and then bringing in the other guitar, because it sounds kind of odd having the riff in one ear and not the other.

As for the song itself, I think the first riff went on for too long, too long before the harmony came in and just too long after that. The rest of it sounded pretty good, but more variation. There was only about 4-5 riffs in the whole song I think. The sweeps weren't what I was expecting, but they did sound good I think. I also liked how you changed the feel at the end.

So, I guess in conclusion it's a good song, and these things I've listed can only make it better. Also some kind of breakdown could be good too. But what you've got there is good. I like it. Good job. (Y)
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i liked it , okay the sound quallity could be better but , it's not a professional-600bucks a day-studio-recording right? so for that it's good, then again i only got crappy headphones right now ,so i'ts hard to tell anyway

i don't have much to crit on the song itself , i like the intro with the enter of the second guitar , but maybe it would sound better if you pan the first guitar to one side and then the entering one to the other ,the first(?) solo was good , the change after that sounded really cool , it gets kinda overloaded in the last bit(solo , harmony , rythm)

overall great song!keep it up
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well, i almost never comment, i usually just pop in and out and listen to songs but i have to say,
you have some great stuff musically. Up the mix quality a little and you're good to go.
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Not bad for home recording! It takes a long time to figure out how to up the quality of the home stuff without taking it to the studio. You can watch some mixing and compression tutorials on youtube, etc... to learn more on how to make it sound great.

I typically add a compressor in the mix to any guitar that I record. Squish it a little and pickup the gain slightly.. makes them sound more clear without being really punchy.

I liked the melodies, some cool riffs in there for sure. It got a little long not having vocals... but then I listened to your next song and heard the type of vocals you would use... and I like it better as an instrumental. (so I can enjoy the music without having to listen around someone screaming constantly)

So I've got a metal instrumental you should check out - It's nowhere near this heavy, but you may appreciate the guitars. https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=861993
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Pretty cool. You should add more drum fills in my opinion. The last solo was sweet, but I would have made it more bluesy to give it a real Lamb of God style.

Check mine out.
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Pretty cool. You should add more drum fills in my opinion. The last solo was sweet, but I would have made it more bluesy to give it a real Lamb of God style.

Check mine out.

i would do but there arnt any up on your page :s
Pretty good. I'm not a fan of Lamb of God, but this song sounds good. I really like the opening riff. Most of the leads sounded good, but were a little too generic. I also liked how the song ended. Check out my song... http://ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=863097