ok so on my amp i have this line out jack on the back of my amp (which is a vox ad30vt) and i was wondering how i can use it to record straight into my comp while still being able to use the effects on my amp. But on my comp i have no where to plug in my lead.. so what do i do? do i need to buy something so i can plug into my comp?
and will i need a good sound card if i plug straight into my comp too?
can anyone help?
thx everyone =]
If your even semi-serious about recording, you want a decent sound card. An external firewire of USB interface is nice, but you can get a PCI sound card for a desktop for cheaper. and you plug the amp into the line in on the card.
You'll either need a 1/4" mono-1/8" (sorry I don't know the European name for it) stereo adapter or , like, a mixing board in between and the appropriate cables to connect that to the computer.
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depends what kind of line out it is...if its like a emulated headphone output you can but if its the amplified signal you could cause damage....best way to record an amp is with an instrument mic really....
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