I need some help "learning" to improvise well. I think i have covered pretty much most techniques bar sweeping and tapping but my improvisation sucks. Is there any way i could learn this e.g. good scales to use etc?? I would say it is like i have learned to ride a bike but cannot steer. Anyway cheers for the help
techniques dont always help with improvising, you have to build up rhythm in your picking hand, start off with pentatonics round minor scales then move on major scales, and finally jazz scales, will take a long time but just practice round a backing track or even a normal song
The best way as I see it is to learn your intervals, you know, knowing which note is the 5 and which is the 3 or 7 and so on. It sounds like just theoretical but studying it will break a lot of creative ground for you, trust me.

Also, learning solos is always good. And learning them note-for-note, not just skip the parts that you don't get, because it's those parts that are unfamiliar and should as a result be the important parts to learn.

Also, always, always, and always keep in mind which key you're in, so you can see the connections and use the phrases practically.
Do you know any scales? Major/minor scale and pentatonic is all you'll need for a long time (a few years, maybe), learn them in all their positions.