not sure if this is the correct forum but im looking for work experience this summer.
i wanna be a producer/sound engineer that kinda thing, so work ex. in a studio would probably suit best. i live in london. Can anyone tell me where i can find some work ex? a site or anything will be appreciated. thanks
1. Go to websites and apply for work experience by covering letter and resume (some firms give you free work experience for a few weeks, voluntarily so you won't get paid)
2. Go in person and ask
3. Ask your folks if they know anyone who can help
4. Don't go to agencies, personal experiences tell me this
5. Once you get a placement sorted out, ask your employer if they can refer you to someone else. In your covering letter, tell the company who referred you etc.
6. Repeat this. It's a good thing you're going for experience. Employers will be looking for experienced people rather than academically sound individuals. It shows true willingness and interest in the job.
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Work Experience over summer sounds a lot better than the compulsory 2 weeks work experience I had at school.

I tried for a studio, but it fell through at the last minute, so I can't really help.

But it's been suggested already, call up studios.
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I went to a guitar shop in Notts last month for work ex. I did want to go to a studio like you but I couldn't find any, but I still enjoyed it. You'll probably find one being in London though.
There is a website that takes your postcode and processes your interests/skills etc, within how many miles you want to work and shows all available openings. You'll need to ask your school because you need a username and password to login.

I can't remember the website though.