to put electric strings on an acoustic?
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i certainly would not recommend putting any steel strings on an classic(spanish) guitar, they could rip it off forever. On a western guitar, i dont see why you couldnt, they seem to be thiner than the "original" strings.
is it possible? YES.

is it suggested? NO!

first off, it depends on the guage. if you use extremely heavy's, then tune it to e or something, that will be WAY TOO much pressure on the neck. your neck probably could snap if you made too much pressure. i'd just buy a pack of five dollar acoustic strings, and im sure they sound warmer than electric strings do anyway.

ernie ball is best option for strings in my opinion.
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Yes, and gauge matters the same with acoustic strings; that's the only way damage could occur.

However, electric strings are designed to be amplified, and thusly sound somewhat "dead" on an acoustic. Acoustic strings are designed for their purpose; use them. If you want lighter or tighter-wound strings, I recommend either a lighter gauge or Silk & Steel strings.
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I've put Ernie Ball Power Slinkies (11-48) on my Ovation, because I had to play a gig and didn't have an acoustic strings, it works but it doesn't sound particularly good, and yeah don't put them on a guitar made for nylon strings, or you most likely will severely damage the guitar.
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my friend did it without knowing the difference between acoustic/electric strings
it plays better i guess, but sounds tinny and bland
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I saw an acoustic with electric strings at a local thrift shop once. I tried to play it and it sound like ****. Honestly the worst thing I've ever heard on a guitar.

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don't puy steel strings on a classical..

yes you can put electric guitar strings on an acoustic..
but not the guage of the electrics, their thinner.. which means, you'll end up having a trebly ang twangy sound from your acoustic.. less bass and less boom.. the good thing is that the upper strings would last longer than acoustic strings because they are nickel wound and are not easily abraded nor corroded..
anyway, i wouldn't suggest putting an electric string on your acoustic.. it greatly affects the sound and tone of your guitar..