jeezzzz this ****'s ****ing br00t4l \m/
I don't really listen to metal, but I know my friends would totally dig this.
I'll let them hear it.

Are you the guitarist?
The guitar work is sick.

Actually everything sounds really good.
The drums are ****ing on point and the vocals are really good.

So heavy. It's ****ing awesome. I wish I had long hair just to headbang to this ****.
yeah, im the rhythm guitarist. and thanks we begin recording our new cd may 31, i will keep you posted.
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yeah, im the rhythm guitarist. and thanks we begin recording our new cd may 31, i will keep you posted.

Yeah and I'm the lead guitar player, bitch. Don't steal my thunder, Alex hahahaha
Pretty good. The mix is wayyy too bassy, I think. It's hard to hear what the guitars are doing at times. The drums are good from what I can hear, the bass drum is a bit hard to hear, but his feet are quick.

The growling is the best part. Your bands growls are very similar to mine, actually. It reminds me of Arsis (which is a good thing, since Arsis rape face) They were also recorded very well.

Really good ****, good luck with your gig. My band is playing a similar festival at the Worcester Palladium tomorrow.

Crit for crit? We're not as heavy, but we have some heavier ****, check out God of Slaves
Awesome stuff.
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I kinda like-

But do something to make you stand out- to my ears it sounded a wee bit generic metalcore band-

guitar work was tight- so was drumming and singing was pretty good-

I give 8/10- but you guys are good
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that is some heavy ****, vocals aren't my favorite style, but i liked them anyway.

good job dudes
It's really good. Not really my style (too thrashy), but well recorded, well played, and well written. Good luck.
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Very good... sounds awesome... As I lay dying anyone? sounds nice.... lol keep it up... i would definently buy your cd, the vocals are highly understandable....
Oh f*ck you guys, I named one of my songs welcome to hell.
Now I gotta think of something else.
Fantastic work though
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i am actually lolling right now!!! lmao!

After 1 and a half long years, someone laughed at one of my posts.

thanks for all the comments and plays, we begin recording our new cd may 31( this saturday) and new songs from our second album "Among The Ashes" will be up within the next few weeks.
It's good, you all play very well, but this is really nothing new, I could name 50 bands that this sounds verging on identical to, sorry.
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sick **** keep it ****ing metal!

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cool songs, not to sure bout the vocals tho, overdubbing them wasnt such a good idea on the first song.
Vocals at points remind me of The Black Dahlia Murder. Sounding awesome guys.
We have some videos from us in the recording studio up on our page now, sorry about the wait for the sick new s**t , i can say that if you guys like what you hear now....... you have no idea what you are about to listen to. This second cd is more technical, faster, killer riffs. Im just pumped about this new cd.
pretty good, but the 2 songs I listened to sounded a bit similar. Could just be those 2 songs, but maybe you should try and incorporate something new into it?

I dunno, just makin some constructive criticism. It was damn good.
NEW PREVIEW SONG UP NOW, ITS CALLED THE PHOENIX (its not mix or mastered yet, but its a little thing to keep everyone happy hahaha. Check it out and let me know what you think.
Wow, great song. The thrashier parts remind me of Dead To Fall. Your drummer seems to be a little off with the double bass in some parts but it isn't a big deal. Develop your sound a little more and put in some of your own unique parts...as it stands now, you sound like pretty standard metal, but you've obviously got talent, so put in some unique flavors and such and you'd be a truly great band.
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