ive been toying with the idea of adding a push/pull pot to my bass. i want to do an out of phase wiring for the middle toggle selection (3 toggle switch). but i was wondering, since i have an extra 500k guitar pushpull pot sitting on my table, will a guitar one work? or do i need a bass specific one?
pots are pots. now the VALUE of the pot is what may be debated. I've seen both 500k and 250 k used on basses. and my active bass has other pots, can't remember at the moment, probably 25k.

im not too sure about the phase wiring on a bass though...depends on the pups you're using, and the conductors on them.
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Basses use 50k or 100k pots. Higher values make it sound more trebly, so a 500k will sound alot brighter than a 50k. And yes, the difference is audible; it's not one of those 'tone-chaser' things that aren't even audible, like drilling a hole for a pot into the top of an acoustic when installing a piezo.
so if i did it on the tone knob i could kill some of the tone to give it a bassier sound? or is it a bad idea from the start, and just buy a new pot.