Don't know how much I would accept for it but I'm aware they are around £420 new (that's the cheapest I could find after a google search anyway) so make me an offer

It's the angled 280w version and is in mint condition apart from some slight marks where the head has been sat!

Product Spec:
The MF280 (280) Wcabinets are specially engineered to reproduce the balanced mid range and huge bottom end that are a pre-requisite for extreme hard rock and nu-metal sounds.

Sonically optimized Celestion loudspeaker designs

Pro-gauge internal wiring

Increased internal volume

Metal logo and piping

In keeping with all legendary Marshall cabinets the MF 4x12 in. cabinets are not only ready for the sonic demands of a high performance head like the MF350, but also the extreme physical abuse they may receive on the road.

Full Stack Versus Half Stack
The MODE FOUR cabinets can be used either as a full stack (2 cabinets) or half stack (1 cabinet) configuration. The rig you choose is a matter of personal taste and as always when it comes to sound we recommend you try both to see which suits your style best. Below is a guide to the major attributes of each:

Full Stack:
Enhanced on stage spread

More 'cut through' due to accentuated treble and high mids

Iconic stage presence

Half Stack:
More controllable spread of sound on stage (especially base type)

Convenient and portable
Technical Info
Speaker Configuration 4x12 in.

Speaker Type Celestion Vintage 30MF

Power (RMS) 280W

Impedance 16 Ohm

Dimensions (mm): 760 x 910 x 380

Weight (Kg) 42.5

I am open to trades but be aware I am left handed and don't really need any more backline gear!

Any Questions Send them my way!
Sidenote: there are no castor's with this amp
side-side note: I'm also selling a Marshall Slash Signature 4x12 also