ok so heres how this game goes:

go to dizzler.com, search for a band that you like, and on the left where it says 'you may like', type in the most random result that comes in.

for example, im listening to at the gates, and it says i may like nickelback.

another time, i was listening to killswitch engage, and near the bottom of the recommendation list was hannah montana

so see what kind of messed up results you can come up with. i think that last one was kind of funny.
i was listning to welcome to the jungle and it said you may also like pink
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Mine wasnt too shabby, i was listning to leftover crack and got these recomendations:

Sublime The Misfits Rancid Anti-Flag NOFX Rise Against Dead Kennedys Black Flag System Of A Down Bad Religion SLIPKNOT Reel Big Fish Dethklok Insane Clown Posse Against Me! Flogging Molly Alkaline Trio Sex Pistols Choking Victim
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they make horrible noises in the middle of the night (is it sex?)

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I guess she's pretty hot if you're into that "having a good music video, but not better than Beyonce's" kind of thing...